The Dark Corners of the Night

Written by:
Meg Gardiner
Narrated by:
Hillary Huber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
12 hours 1 minute
“Don’t miss it. This is a great one!” — Stephen King

Soon to be an Amazon TV series

I am the legion of the night …

He appears in the darkness like a ghost, made of shadows and fear—the Midnight Man. He comes for the parents but leaves the children alive, tiny witnesses to unspeakable horror. The bedroom communities of Los Angeles are gripped with dread, and the attacks are escalating.

Still reeling from her best friend’s close call in a bombing six months ago, FBI behavioral analyst Caitlin Hendrix has come to Los Angeles to assist in the Midnight Man investigation and do what she does best—hunt a serial killer. Her work is what keeps her going, but something about this UNSUB—unknown subject—doesn’t sit right. She soon realizes that this case will test not only her skills but also her dedication, for within the heart of a killer lives a secret that mirrors Caitlin’s own past. Hesitancy is not an option, but will she be able to do what must be done if the time comes?

Tense and impactful, Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner’s latest UNSUB thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat until its riveting conclusion.
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4.5 Stars Firstly, I have found I really enjoy Hillary Huber’s narration style so we were off to a good start. The book seemed well written, I compare reading it to watching a really good episode of something like Criminal Minds. Hendrix is a likable character, I was a bit confused by “the ghost” but then realized this was the 3rd book in the series so I will definitely be going back to read the first two. It was quick paced and easy to get thru. Huber does a good job of differentiating the numerous characters.

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David J.

The story draws you in and you want to hear more. Narrator was just ok.

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read very quickly from start to finish. enjoyable reading and listening

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Matt M.

So good! This was fast paced, tight storytelling. I found myself talking to the characters and more than once I sat in my driveway listening to find out what happens next. This was my first book of hers that I listened to. I wish I had started with #1. However, I am absolutely going to go seek out book #4. Great book, author and production.

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Miles M.

A most enjoyable story expertly narrated. The storyline draws you in with a few twists and turns all of which are perfectly read by the lady narrator.

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I loved this book. The wording was great and easy to follow and comprehend exactly what was going on. I was pulled in right from the beginning, never a dull moment. The narrator is great, she fluctuates her voice perfectly when it’s needed.

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William Troyk

good book kept you interested through out.

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Shannon P.

I enjoyed listening to this book and how the characters solved who was the mystery killer.

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Loved it. Very compelling

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I almost quit reading this book in the first few chapters then it really took off and I enjoyed it very much.

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This story lived up to its reviews. Very well crafted and paced!

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Ann T.

Gripping and realistic

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Teresa D.

this story was intense from the very first chapter! found it difficult to to pause it for very long as the hunt felt very real

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