The Dark Forest

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2015
22 hours 37 minutes
The inspiration for the Netflix series 3 Body Problem!

Over 1 million copies of the Three-Body Problem series sold in North America

PRAISE FOR THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM SERIES: “A mind-bending epic.”—The New York Times • “War of the Worlds for the 21st century.”—The Wall Street Journal • “Fascinating.”—TIME • “Extraordinary.”—The New Yorker • “Wildly imaginative.”—Barack Obama • “Provocative.”—Slate • “A breakthrough book.”—George R. R. Martin • “Impossible to put down.”—GQ • “Absolutely mind-unfolding.”—NPR • “You should be reading Liu Cixin.”—The Washington Post

The Dark Forest is the second novel in the groundbreaking, Hugo Award-winning series from China's most beloved science fiction author, Cixin Liu.

In The Dark Forest, Earth is reeling from the revelation of a coming alien invasion-in just four centuries' time. The aliens' human collaborators may have been defeated, but the presence of the sophons, the subatomic particles that allow Trisolaris instant access to all human information, means that Earth's defense plans are totally exposed to the enemy. Only the human mind remains a secret. This is the motivation for the Wallfacer Project, a daring plan that grants four men enormous resources to design secret strategies, hidden through deceit and misdirection from Earth and Trisolaris alike. Three of the Wallfacers are influential statesmen and scientists, but the fourth is a total unknown. Luo Ji, an unambitious Chinese astronomer and sociologist, is baffled by his new status. All he knows is that he's the one Wallfacer that Trisolaris wants dead.

The Three-Body Problem Series
The Three-Body Problem
The Dark Forest
Death's End

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Brandon S.

Incredible book. But what’s even more incredible is how poor the narrator is. He may pronounce the names better than the previous narrator, but wow this is truly one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had as far as narration. He will frequently forget what voices he does for which character, adding an infuriating amount of confusion. He will also frequently forget to pause after a page break or new chapter, leading to even more confusion. Truly Unbelievable.

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Again, this was another TOUGH listen. More than 20 hours of the book was based on technical descriptions while the more enjoyable aspects of the book was focused around the characters that mattered or the Droplet destroying the space fleet. Most of the deep explanations lead me to daydreaming or less attentive just waiting for it to focus back on a lead character and stopping the pain. For those who make it to the end, congratulations you are a part of the elite listeners. should send medals for those who finished lol. As with the first book (Which was also a tough read) which ended with a conclusion of a character focused story, this ended well with characters as well. I'm onto book three which is very good so far....

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Erik B.

Even better than the first.

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Elegantly written

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Nathan A.

This might be my favorite sci-fi book

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Josh R.


Profile Avatar
Windy S.

the ending had me on the edge of my seat. can't wait to see where this goes

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If you like astronomy, physics and realistic feeling sci-fi.....this series is for you! Incredibly in depth

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Dykes j

This was such an amazing ride. I Iiterally couldn't stop once I started this book.

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kan ding

Great book!

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