Dark Heart: A True Story of Sex, Manipulation, and Murder

Written by:
Rebecca Lavoie , Kevin Flynn
Narrated by:
Paul Costanzo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2017
9 hours 5 minutes
Was murder part of the game?

Seventeen-year-old Kat McDonough grew up with theater in her blood-and a penchant for make-believe. More than a decade older, Seth Mazzaglia was well known in the community theater circle of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He, too, had a rich inner life-and he soon had Kat convinced that they were soul mates.

To intensify their bond, Seth lured Kat into a world of violent sex and role-playing, where she was his slave. But even that wasn't enough to satisfy his ravenous appetites.

Enter Lizzi Marriott, the new girl in town. And when she accepts an invitation to Kat and Seth's apartment, she will never be seen again . . .
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Taylor G.

If you have misophonia, read something else. The book itself is great but I may not be able to finish it because of the narrators shrill whistling lisp on every “s” noise he makes. It’s physically painful if listening with headphones and even over speaker I’ve had to skip whole chapters when the particularly pronounced whistle becomes too grating to focus on the words. I understand that lisps and pronounced whistles are not something people can help, but the company that edited and mastered this recording should have done better knowing this was an 8 hour audio experience. It’s as simple as cutting the upper register off of the recording. It’s sheer production laziness and for how well crafted the book itself is it’s absolutely inexcusable.

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Carmel S.

A thoroughly researched and well-written account of a horrifying crime that took place in New Hampshire. It's the story of an evil, delusional man and the young woman who gave up everything to be part of his twisted fantasies. It's sickening to think that people like that walk among us. Although some in the story try to depict the young woman as a victim of his manipulation, she comes across as equally guilty They were a well-matched pair of sociopathic monsters. The book moves at a crisp, smooth pace, and the authors give enough detail to paint a vivid picture of the people involved. The narrator is excellent. Overall, a very well done treatment of this terrible tale.

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