The Dark Prince

The Dark Prince

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
2 hours 33 minutes
Stories of gothic emo magician Jnr.

The Haunting of the NecromancerA hilarious farce.

When the king of the grim reaper's son needs help to take a ghost haunting his home, he asks his father to help remove it but was it a mistake.

The children of the NecromancerWhen their granddad arrives for tea with a cursed book his grand kids have to look at it and it takes them to underworld to meet the most unexpected people.

The Witch DoctorBlake comes out as miracle healer in the paper Jack Taylor want him to bring back a dead actor. Blake tell him to find another Necromancer.

He does only he doesn't know it.

The Dark RainbowJnr starts to have dark visions and tries to stop them and ends up arrested for his girlfriend's murder and his family must save him

Who was that masked manJnr has a vision of a terrorist attack and tries to stop it and his family wonder who the mystery man was.

May You Live In Interesting Times, An Old Chinese Curse'To think it all started with one alien being murdered. by a magician,' said Lance.

'Not the first war that started with a murder world war one for example,' said Blake sadly.

'Now we are being hunted and cancelled by the greys,' said Lance,

'It started peacefully but the politics and darker elements got into it,' said Blake sadly.

The RoseA killer wants the chicken dead. Jnr enchants the chicken to make him less careless as they try to catch the killer.

The GrudgeBlake is framed of attacking a woman Jnr and the Chicken plot to clear his name

The Rise of the NecromantorThe Gothic emo Prince of Darkness called Mr Average has grown up and took up the family business as a stage Illusionist when his wife, his assistant in his act dies of a trick going wrong after he predicted it he has the eyes of the press and law on him. Will he go to prison as a murderer or will he go free
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