The Dark Side of Sci-Fi: 15 Stories Blending Horror and Science Fiction

The Dark Side of Sci-Fi: 15 Stories Blending Horror and Science Fiction

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
6 hours 40 minutes
A collection of speculative fiction stories, concerning extraterrestrials, other worlds, and bleak futures.


'Fessenden's Worlds' by E. Hamilton (Weird Tales 1937)

A man creates a miniature universe.

'The Hanging Stranger' by P. K. Dick (SF Adventures 1953)

A man happens upon a body suspended from a lamppost.

'The Glass Labyrinth' by S. A. Coblentz (WT 1943)

A tale of time and dimensions.

'The Transgressor' by H. Kuttner (WT 1939)

A curious invention...

'The Red God Laughed' by T. McClusky (WT 1939)

Following the extinction of the human race...

'The Crystal Egg' by H. G. Wells (New Review 1897)

An object that serves as a window into the planet Mars.

'Beyond the Wall of Sleep' by H. P. Lovecraft (Pine Cones 1919)

Strange slumbers in the Catskill Mountains.

'The Fear Experiment' by I. Gordon (HorrorBabble 2018)

A dark experiment in Georgia.

'Old Rambling House' by F. Herbert (Galaxy SF 1958)

All they wanted was a home they could call their own...

'There is a Reaper ...' by C. V. De Vet (Imagination 1953)

What awaits us after death?

'In the World's Dusk' by Edmond Hamilton (WT 1936)

The last survivor of the human race.

'The Supernumerary Corpse' by C. A. Smith (WT 1932)

Jasper Trilt was dead—but...

'2 B R 0 2 B' by K. Vonnegut, Jr. (If 1962)

Death becomes a voluntary act.

'The Ultimate Experiment' by T. DeKy (Comet 1941)

Robots—the children of men.

'The Red One' by J. London (Cosmopolitan 1918)

Worshippers of something strange in the jungle.
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