Dark Star

Dark Star

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
0 hours 12 minutes
You remember this guy don't you,' said the Red Fox slapping the back of a masked magician in a black tux.

'Is he the masked magician?' asked a policeman who was new to the area so had no Idea who this was.

'I never reveal tricks!' the man in black said.

'No he's my nephew Dark Star, ' said the Fox.

'Oh, ok one of you!' said the policeman.

'He's going to help on our case,' said the Fox.

'I thought the Enchanter and Blue midnight were helping on the case do we need more help,' said the policeman.

'Hi dad,' Blue Midnight said seeing Dark Star. 

'Hi Midnight where is Enchanter I heard he was hereabouts,' said Dark Star.

'He's with Astra they are talking to the victim,' said Blue Midnight.

'How can they do that he was murdered!' said the police man.

'My great-granddaughter Astra is a medium,' said Dark Star.

'I don't believe in them,' huffed the policeman.

'And still she is a medium,' said Blue Midnight laughing.

'Let's join them there,' said the Fox and they went to just Astra and the Enchanter.

'Hello dad, gramps,' said the Enchanter seeing them.

Astra was under.

'Who?' she asked.

'Oh sorry. wasn't talking to you,' the Enchanter said to the ghost,

'Excuse me guys,' he said to the newcomers.

'Who killed you?' the Enchanter asked the ghost.

'How should I know I'm dead!' said Astra.

'Any clues?' asked the Enchanter.

'Yes I heard a bang then I was dead,' said Astra.
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