Dark Whispers: A totally gripping mystery that will keep you turning the pages

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
6 hours 13 minutes
The dog was standing by the tree, four paws firmly planted, his hackles up. His owner, who had run after him through the woods, stopped and gasped aloud in shock. In front of them, hanging from the ancient yew tree, was a body. Blood dripped down the victim’s pale skin, where strange symbols had been crudely carved. The eyes stared straight ahead. Empty. Unseeing.

Dr Harrison Lane, Head of the Ritualistic Behavioural Crime unit, is called away from a romantic getaway with his girlfriend by an unsettling report. A young man has been found murdered in a centuries-old woodland – and the strange symbols found on his body point to the involvement of long-forgotten dark rituals.

Using his knowledge of ancient pagan spirituality, Harrison begins to draw a connection between the runes on the man’s body and the unusual crime scene, which includes a circle drawn in the wet leaves of the forest floor and the haunting clink-clink of windchimes suspended nearby. How did the victim end up alone with his killer in the forest, and who would want him dead by such brutal means?

Just as Harrison is about to make a breakthrough in this challenging case, details from his own past, related to his mother’s tragic death, begin to emerge. Can Harrison keep his head in the game and find this dangerous predator, or will the secrets he’s so carefully locked away finally surface?

With an evil killer on the loose, and more innocent lives caught in the balance, every moment counts…

The next unputdownable book in the Dr Harrison Lane series. Fans of Angela Marsons, JD Kirk and LJ Ross won’t be able to stop turning the pages!
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