Darkness Before Dawn

Written by:
Sharon M. Draper
Narrated by:
Sisi Aisha Johnson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2008
7 hours 47 minutes
Keisha Montgomery's junior year was devastating. Her best friend died, and her ex-boyfriend committed suicide. But Keisha is getting her life back on track. She's been elected senior class president, and she has met Jonathan Hathaway, the new 23-year-old track coach. Tall and handsome, Jonathan actually talks to Keisha like she's a woman instead of a girl. But when this forbidden relationship takes a frightening turn, Keisha once again finds herself plunged into the darkness she has worked so hard to escape.
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Robin B.

The book was slow at first like most books. It took a while to become focused. The personality of Keisha was almost tooo perfect but left me thinking that there are teenagers who respect their parents/ who are aware of their environment and try to use common sense rules for situations. I also appreciated the character of Rita who was the opposite of Keisha’s character. Let us know things are always black and white. Yes ...There are many Jonathan’s that prey on girls and boys. They do get caught!! Thank you

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