Dead Woman's Secret: Nearly Departed, Book 3

Dead Woman's Secret: Nearly Departed, Book 3

Written by:
Elle E. Ire
Narrated by:
Sarah Beth Pfeifer
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
12 hours 15 minutes
Flynn Dalton just wants to marry her girlfriend, Genesis, go back to her construction job, and get on with her life. But first she has to defeat a revenge-crazed psychic succubus who is erasing people from existence….

Flynn is in a tough spot. The National Psychic Registry will exile Genesis for her use of dark magic if Flynn doesn’t do their bidding… and Gen doesn’t even know the Registry is using her for leverage. The only way for Flynn to get her life back–and protect Gen–is to find and kill Tempest Granfeld, the disembodied succubus removing Registry members from time.

But no matter how hard Flynn works, she makes little progress. Using her abilities takes a mental and physical toll, and she’s so tired that she can’t keep an eye on Gen, who’s struggling with her dark magic addiction.

When Tempest sets her sights on Genesis, Flynn is pushed to her breaking point. Can she embrace her power once and for all and be the hero Gen needs?

Dead Woman’s Secret is the thrilling conclusion to Elle E. Ire’s spine-tingling, immersive Nearly Departed trilogy. Fans of lesbian fiction, psychic problem-solvers, and badass heroines will lose themselves in this sexy, spooky paranormal adventure.
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