The Dead Zone

Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
James Franco

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2017
17 hours 0 minutes
The #1 New York Times bestseller and “compulsive page-turner” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) about a reluctant clairvoyant man who must weigh his options when he suddenly sees the terrible future awaiting mankind—from master storyteller Stephen King.

When Johnny Smith was six years old, head trauma caused by a bad ice-skating accident left him with a nasty bruise on his forehead and, from time to time, those hunches…infrequent but accurate snippets of things to come. But it isn’t until Johnny’s a grown man—now having survived a horrifying auto injury that plunged him into a coma lasting four-and-a-half years—that his special abilities really push to the fore. Johnny Smith comes back from the void with an extraordinary gift that becomes his life’s curse…presenting visions of what was and what will be for the innocent and guilty alike. But when he encounters a ruthlessly ambitious and amoral man who promises a terrifying fate for all humanity, Johnny must find a way to prevent a harrowing predestination from becoming reality.
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John M.

Great book... In some ways the movie, just doesn't do the story justice! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, but King's ability to weave a story in my mind is hard to top. I also like James Franco as the narrator. Not spectacular by any stretch but I didnt put it down!

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Greg S.

Definitely one of the most underrated King novels in my opinion. Really enjoyed the story and felt more and more connected with John (main character) as it went along. Franco does a wonderful job with the narration. Side note: Christopher Walker plays John Smith in the film adaptation. As most King TV/film adaptations it’s pretty cheesy, but who doesn’t love a young psychic Walken. Worth a listen, then a watch.

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Tali B.

love this book love anything of Stephen King

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Oh, it pains me to say this, but if that was the first Stephen King book that I had read, I probably would not read another. I found it boring and uninteresting pretty much the entire book up until the final hour. The only thing that kept me going was James Franco the narrator his voices, for the characters were great, especially when he brought out his inner Brando. The story was definitely unlike anything else by Stephen King I’ve read or listen to, so maybe that’s the problem there was no scare from the king of fear.

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Brian C.

Mr King should stick to writing. Not very good at narrating.

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Charles Comeaux jr

I am a big fan of King. I would say I have read between 30, and 40 of his books. Under the Dome, Lisey's Story, and Dreamcatcher are the only 3 books I just never finished. Unfortunately they don't keep my attention. The Stand miniseries in 94 was my introduction. I read the Talisman, then The Stand, and then I started the Dark Tower series. I have the Stand in my top 5 SK books! I love the Characters in the Stand, D.T., and Talisman. I often wonder if some of the Characters from those 3 books are the same, but from another world. Jake C, and Jack S, Eddie from New York, and Larry U (baby can you dig your man) from NY.

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Christine P.

Loved James Franco as the narrator! He did an awesome job!! I was putting off this book because reviewers commented on how political it was. It definitely was filled with political opinions but I’m Canadian and it was more interesting to me than annoying! The storyline is tragic.. poor guy living with this ‘condition’. I shed a tear for him and his soul mate. It’s worth the read!

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Johnathan D.

It was ok but kind of fizzled out at the end

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Debi A.

very good book. ive always enjoyed it. glad its out on audio. narrator did a good job as always. not a scary kind of book but still creepy so if that's what you like then its all there but either way you won't be disappointed.

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Tatia A. H.

I love it.

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Marcus Johnson

I like the first half of the book but the second half seemed like a sequel rather than the same book. Overall, a fun story and has a great concept but the book didn't lost it's grip going into the second act. James Franco as the narrator took some getting used to as he has a unique voice but once you get used to it, it works well with the story.

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Tom S.

Great book. Franco covers all the characters . Really enjoyed the audio book.

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Nick B.

It had it's moments, but overall a disappointment.

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Matti N.

The story is good, but.. James Franco, the worst reader in human history. He mumbles, he lisps. He's polish doctor (who came to america as a kid and don't speak polish) speaks with same accent as Franco's Tommy Wiseau in Disaster artist. That is when Franco can keep the accent.

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Different. Have read a couple of S. Kings books. The ending seem to drag out forever, guess just anxious to hear how it ended. Narrator very good. Whispers were really low turned up volume so i could hear what he said

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Sally M

Classic Stephen King. I read this book many years ago, but didn't remember much of the detail. It was great to listen to it after all these years. It keeps up a good pace and avoids unrelated side stories.

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Bill N

Book is great and I am a big James Franco fan as a narrator overall, but I do have one small issue. I will warn any future listeners that the voice Franco uses for one of the characters is the same accent he ended up using in his recent film "The Disaster Artist." It isn't a dealbreaker, but now I can only see the character as Tommy Wiseau and giggle every time he starts talking.

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kelly b

Love this book and with James Franco narrating, I didn’t want to stop listening!!

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Daniel S

This is the first listen and probably my fifth read of this great book.

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Lynne E

Excellent book and Excellent narrator. James Franco was great as expected!

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