Dear Death Fairy and other stories

Dear Death Fairy and other stories

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
0 hours 22 minutes
'Dear Death Fairy,

I hear you will come to take me when I leave to heaven, look after my cat Timmy when I'm gone, please.

from Zoe Michaels,' read a reaper to another his father.

'Aww! That sounds cute,' said the king of the Reapers hearing it.

'No one calls me a fairy! Even a misinformed child,' said the son known as Lance or the Necromancer shortly.

'Do you prefer serial killer!' asked his father.

Lance scoffed. 'I prefer avenging angel,' said Lance coldly he was fate's hitman he killed the worst of the worst for him and the police called him a serial killer.

'You would,' said the reaper king, 'How was the child when you took her?'

'She was a pain she insisted I was the Death Fairy because the tooth fairy took teeth so the reapers were death fairies because they took the dead. I keep telling her I wasn't the death fairy I was a grim reaper. she wouldn't listen. I told her she wasn't going to heaven. She cried. I told her she was going Elysian she cried more. I asked her why she cried.

She told me she was sad to hear queen Elsa was dead too. Kids!' Lance said frustratedly.
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