Death's End

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
28 hours 54 minutes
The inspiration for the Netflix series 3 Body Problem!

Over 1 million copies of the Three-Body Problem series sold in North America

PRAISE FOR THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM SERIES: “A mind-bending epic.”—The New York Times • “War of the Worlds for the 21st century.”—The Wall Street Journal • “Fascinating.”—TIME • “Extraordinary.”—The New Yorker • “Wildly imaginative.”—Barack Obama • “Provocative.”—Slate • “A breakthrough book.”—George R. R. Martin • “Impossible to put down.”—GQ • “Absolutely mind-unfolding.”—NPR • “You should be reading Liu Cixin.”—The Washington Post

The New York Times bestselling conclusion to the groundbreaking, Hugo Award-winning series from China's most beloved science fiction author, Cixin Liu.

Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented prosperity due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge. With human science advancing daily and the Trisolarans adopting Earth culture, it seems that the two civilizations will soon be able to co-exist peacefully as equals without the terrible threat of mutually assured annihilation. But the peace has also made humanity complacent.

Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer from the early twenty-first century, awakens from hibernation in this new age. She brings with her knowledge of a long-forgotten program dating from the beginning of the Trisolar Crisis, and her very presence may upset the delicate balance between two worlds. Will humanity reach for the stars or die in its cradle?

The Three-Body Problem Series
The Three-Body Problem
The Dark Forest
Death's End

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A Macmillan Audio production from Tor Books
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The misogynistic ravings of an angry man. Tones of misogyny appear in the previous two books but this is very next level and ruined the series. I recommend reading book 1 as a standalone.

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Christine C.

I reread books 1 and 2 before reading 3. There is so much depth to these books. Well worth the effort to understand the physics. The story is excellent. I never knew what would happen next. It helped my ability to follow the story by watching Three Body Problem on Netflix. If you like “science” science fiction, read these books.

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This was a 180 degree turn from the previous two books. I loved how the books began to focus on a charachter versus continuing to be a descriptive pamphlet. I gave it three stars due to the book removing main protagonist in Trisolaris. For three books the inevitable confrontation between humans and the trisolarians were imminent..... then it wasn't. I will dive into the new book to see how this ends with the Returners. The solar system is gone and it appears we have did a 20 million time skip. kind of giving me Dune vibe with less interesting characters.

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Uta H.

This is my favorite book in the set because it answers all the questions in the other two books! I love the ending what a beautiful way to end all reality

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Nathan A.


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Josh R.

very good

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T O.


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The concepts are incredible in this book. Shoulda used a better narrator for this series.

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Tyler Bienlein

so good. worth the effort.

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Amanda H.

I highly recommend this book. There are some parts that get a little too technical for me(made my brain hurt a little), but getting through that was worth it because the originality and beauty of this book were awesome!

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Donald A.

I love end of world stories. This is the holy grail of end of world stories. The two previous books in this trilogy took some work to get through, but it was more than worth it to get to the finale. What a beautiful ending to all things.

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