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Deceiving the Dark Duke

Written by:
Josephine Moss
Narrated by:
Jolene Kim

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
8 hours 14 minutes
The King of Tresterville is a tyrant and no one has felt his wrath more than his music-loving daughter Lilinova. When the Dark Duke, the mysterious ruler of a neighboring kingdom, invades Tresterville, Lilinova is accidentally killed in her
father’s place, learning a terrible truth and catching a glimpse of the Dark Duke himself before she dies.
Except somehow, Lilinova wakes up from death, three days before the start of the Dark Duke’s siege. Armed with this knowledge, she disguises herself as a traveling musician, steals a horse, and rides off, determined to somehow save her kingdom
and her life. Unfortunately, the princess is captured on the road by none other than the Dark Duke. But he isn’t quite the nefarious presence she expected, and he seems intrigued by her—especially after he hears her sing.
The Duke brings Lilinova home to his realm, Neilsland, and the closer the pair grows, the more Lilinova regrets her lies to him. When she hears that her tyrannical father is sending his army to find his “missing princess,” she realizes the
Duke is in danger. Can Lilinova save the man she’s grown to love from the father who has always hated her? And once the Duke finds out her deception, will he even love her back?
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