Defend and Betray

Written by:
Anne Perry
Narrated by:
Davina Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
16 hours 25 minutes
After a brilliant military career, esteemed General Thaddeus Carlyon finally meets his death, not in the frenzy of battle but at an elegant London dinner party. His demise appears to be the result of a freak accident, but the general’s beautiful wife, Alexandra, readily confesses that she killed him—a story she clings to even under the threat of the noose.

Investigator William Monk, nurse Hester Latterly, and brilliant Oliver Rathbone, counsel for the defense, work feverishly to break down the wall of silence raised by the accused and her husband’s proud family. With the trial only days away, these there sleuths inch toward the dark and appalling heart of the mystery.
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Lisa P

In this book, Monk investigates a murder in the aristocracy. I figured out the ending, but it was still interesting to see how the trial played out. Monk also faces the truth about something in his past. The narration is excellent, and the trial is riveting.

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Lada S.

Intriguing plot and great narration.

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Gina M.

I’m so enjoying the tension between Monk and Esther. Weaving Monk’s past and evolving memory enhances the plot as each character is developed.

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Rudy R.

Excellent plot. Fine narrator

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Riveting story

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Michael Hayes

Very good book in the series. A couple of the courtroom scenes had me teary eyed. Really felt the emotion of the characters. Very good writing and the narrator is excellent

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