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Definitely Dead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2006
10 hours 30 minutes
As a person with so few living relatives, Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse really hated to lose one. But she never guessed that it would be her cousin Hadley-a consort of the Vampire Queen of New Orleans. After all, technically speaking, Hadley was already dead. And now, as unexpected heir to Hadley's estate, Sookie discovers the inheritance definitely comes with a risk. Someone doesn't want Sookie looking too deeply into Hadley's past-or for that matter, Hadley's possessions. And they're prepared to do anything in their power to stop her. But who? The range of suspects runs from the Rogue Weres who reject Sookie as a friend of the Pack to the Vampire Queen herself, who could be working through a particularly vulnerable subject-Sookie's first love, Bill. Whoever it is, they're definitely dangerous-and Sookie's life is definitely on the line.
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Scott R.

Definitely an exciting adventure as we leave our usual kicking grounds. I loved the tiger and his involvement. Relationships are ever changing. Good story overall and great narration.

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Christin T.

Quinn was not a character in the show, so it’s exciting to listen to this book with that character spin.

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craig specht

Good series. really enjoyed it. Feel bad for Bill. He's one of my favorites. I think he is alright! Love the narrator.

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Christina Smithson

Another super creative adventure for Sookie! I loved it!

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I did not realize this was a series of books so I had a hard time figuring out the characters. Once I did, I really enjoyed the book and now want to find the others so I know all of what is happening to Sookie.

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Susan Tortorici

I love it, love the drama, love the conflicts and can't wait for more.

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I LOVE the Sookie series! I just wish books # 2, 3 and 4 would be released on audio book! I have read them all but there is something great about stories like these being read to me! Put a new face on all of the characters.. If you like vampires, weres, funny sarcastic, snarky Southern gals and a little mystery and a bit o' lovin' thrown in you will LOVE this series of books! I went through the entire written series in less than 2 weeks!

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K.L. Eckhardt

Whenever I finish listening to (or reading) one of these Sookie Stackhouse books, I feel much like I used to when I had to return to bording school after visiting home during vacation -- Thanksgiving or Christmas. (I *loved* being home) I miss the characters as tho' they're as real as my flesh-and-blood friends & relatives. Humm, maybe I should be careful how I use that phrase. "Flesh-and-Blood"-Sookie (w/ a surprising twist to her DNA introduced in this book!) has a new boyfriend -- a wareTiger who sounds as delicious as Harris makes the sexiest and most loving of Sookie's lovers. Yum! I can't wait to read more. Pls. Ms. Harris, KEEP THEM COMING!! I'm hooked -- happily.

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I didn't like this book at first. It was a little hard adjusting to a world "with vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters, but I did. Story was interesting and I ended up enjoying the book. I would say that I am from the deep south and that was one hokey accent the narrator had going on.

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I enjoyed this book. It was entertaining and I enjoyed the narrator.

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