The Devil's Crossing [Dramatized Adaptation]: Preacher and MacCallister 4

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 40 minutes
'Settling the American West required true grit, fortitude, and when necessary, shedding blood. It also required men like Preacher and MacCallister to enforce peace in a land where the law was scarce—and justice was delivered from the barrel of a gun.
Wagon trains carrying immigrants along the Oregon Trail are falling prey to outlaws. Most families surrender their valuables and goods peacefully, but anybody brave enough to resist gets a bullet. The gang’s latest victim was a wagon master who sought to protect his charges only to die in the dust. With the blood of good men being spilled and families being terrorized, Preacher and Jamie MacCallister volunteer to escort the next wagon train.

Preacher travels with the settlers while MacCallister trails along at a distance, scouting for trouble. Their odyssey across the unforgiving territory takes them through violent storms and into the sights of hostile Indians. Battered and weary, the travelers are no match for the blood-lusting, trigger-happy gang—and Preacher is unprepared to meet the one outlaw he never expected to see again.'
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