A Diary from Dixie

Written by:
Mary Chesnut
Narrated by:
Laurie Anne Walden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
14 hours 34 minutes
Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, a well-educated South Carolina woman who was the wife of a Confederate general, kept extensive journals during the Civil War. Mrs. Chesnut moved in elite circles of Southern society and had a keen interest in politics. Her diary is both an important historic document and, due to her sharp wit and often irreverent attitude, a fascinating window into Southern society of the time. This recording is of the first published edition of the diary, edited by Isabella D. Martin and Myrta Lockett Avary and compiled from Mrs. Chesnut's revisions of her original journals. (Summary by Laurie Anne Walden)
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Patricia B.

This reading was excellent. The narrator was.clear and concise. It amazes me that being raised in the south how little I understood of the importance of hospitality I was a lengths taught by my Grandparents and greatgrandparents. And the interaction between the older black field hands and other farmers. The Story of my Childhood brought back so many moments I witnessed of a time now long gone. I really never noticed a person's color

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Kathryn Rogers

Great narration. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Provides insight into the culture of the southern states prior to the Civil War. It is also hints at the suffering caused by the war.

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Carole Chambers

This is a great book for listening as I walk on the nature trails near my house here in Houston, Texas!

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Interesting well read story of a part of history, I knew nothing about here in England

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The story gives a rare insight to life back then, including social standards. It was enlightening in that I assumed the war was mainly due to stars rights but the sale issue is clearly front and center at least from Mary’s vantage point. The reader did an excellent job.

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Ruth S.

A book that should be read by every American. Great insight into Civil War!

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Jersey Despot

This was one of my favorite listens. It’s such an important book to understand the cultural attitudes that guided the events of the Civil War, from the halls of government to the every day lives of ordinary and famous people. The narrator was perfect. I’ll be listening to this again.

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not that interested, slow

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A very accurate view of the civil war from a southern lady’s viewpoint

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A great read and very informative

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