Dirty Rock: A Rock Star Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
12 hours 48 minutes
The master of the tease. The god of rock. Frontman of the world's most desired band, Youth Gone Wild. I'm Rhett Ryan, and I get what I want.

Women? They were lining up. Money? I had enough. Accolades? My shelves were full. Love? I didn't have time for that.

Not until I had no choice but to pay attention to the last woman I expected to fall for. My beautiful, sassy publicist, Julia goddamn Speed. She was a vital part of the band's success, and she was as off-limits as they came.

I'd never wanted anything more in my life.

But Julia wasn't like the rest, and my advances only pushed her further away. She was the first woman to make me work for it, and Christ, did I suddenly want to work for it. Even if I knew it would end in disaster. Even if I knew there would be tears.

I was willing to play dirty to make it happen. I just had no idea how much I'd change in the process, or how something that had once been my everything would soon become nothing because I'd jumped into the forbidden with her.

Stupid, Reckless Rhett.
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