Doctor Who: Decades Collection 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
6 hours 10 minutes
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A brand new audio bundle of three Doctor Who stories to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

1990s - Wannabes by Dave Rudden

It's Dublin in 1994, and the Doctor and Donna have arraived at the tiny nightclub known as Headlong.

Headlong is famous for precisely one thing - holding the karaoke night where four young women came together to make the biggest girl band of the 90s: the Honeybloods.

Donna has convinced the Doctor to visit their first ever concert (she reckons she could have been one of them if the timelines were different) - and he has begrudgingly agreed.

Naturally the band is kidnapped by a deadly pack of siren-like creatures who adapt to and feed off human adulation, usually harvested by taking the form of cultural icons.

With Dublin and the world to save, Donna may get her chance to perform on the world's biggest stage . . .

2000s - The Monster in the Cupboard by Kalynn Bayron

When the Doctor and Rose stumble across thirteen-year-old Lily, they both agree she needs their help.

Lily thinks there are monsters in the closet, hiding under the bed. And that they've taken her mother and brother - who went missing months ago.

When asked about the monster, Lily can only say it's made of immense light and power. Rose and the Doctor must find out who and what the creature is, and where it's taken Lily's family.

It is a search that will take them right back to the childhood of Lily's grandmother, and another disappearance all those years ago . . .

2010s - The Angel of Redemption by Nikita Gill

A poem of tragedy and beauty . . .

The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of terrible power.

With the ability to propel their victims backwards in time, their true form is a mystery - they turn to stone on sight. So they wander the universe, cursed never to see one another.

But they see everything else: the whole course of time and space - even the journey of their deadliest enemy, the Doctor.

In this extraordinary, epic poem, the Weeping Angels sing the story of the years they've battled the Doctor, and everything in between, as - like a Greek Chorus - they tell the world with their tragic tale.

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