Dog Lessons: Learning the Important Stuff from Our Best Friends

Written by:
Hersch Wilson
Narrated by:
Patrick Lawlor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
7 hours 2 minutes
'The world is a very narrow bridge. Cross it with a dog.'

'When in doubt, walk your dog' is the first of many valuable maxims in Dog Lessons, a heartfelt reflection on what dogs can teach us when we open ourselves to listen and learn. After sixty-plus years living and working with dogs, Hersch Wilson shares self-deprecating stories and lighthearted musings on a life filled with fur-covered furniture, unexplained messes, and destroyed property. The resulting compendium of dog wisdom-from universal values like loyalty and curiosity to practical lessons on napping, playing, and avoiding a serious fight-is not only poignant but eminently good advice.
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