The Doorbell Went

Written by:
Thomas Kennedy
Narrated by:
Steven Miller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
7 hours 32 minutes
The doorbell went at dawn. The police were there to arrest Edward for rape. When the case is dropped due to insufficient evidence, policewoman Kelly is outraged. She decides Edward will not get away with rape. Kelly, and her housemate Maeve, were childhood victims of abuse. Now, as catharsis for their trauma, they search out and castrate men who get away with rape. Janet, his rape victim, helps them set the trap to blackmail Edward. But Janet wants a different punishment for Edward.
Trapped, Edward is forced choose between ten to fifteen years in jail or becoming Kelly's naked slave for six months. Edward signs up for domination and feminisation, but is promised earlier release if he helps kidnap a pernicious child abuser. Janet suffers from Dyspraxia, affecting her ability to form friendships and deal with the world at large. She lives in prosperous circumstances with her two aunts.
But all is not well. Aunt Elizabeth is slipping into a schizophrenic world of illusions. Aunt Julia has started an affair with Paddy, a married man with three children. Sarah, a long-time family friend, is falling on hard times due to her gambling alcoholic husband. Sarah offers to help Julia manage her sister at home if Julia will agree to a lesbian relationship with Sarah as her mistress. Janet, pregnant as a result of the rape, has decided to leave this household and comes up with a surprising solution.
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