The Dreadmore Saga: Book 2 - Awakening

Written by:
A. A. Walker
Narrated by:
Steven Miller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
6 hours 24 minutes
Under the darken suns, one shall come. To bring about afresh, a world renewed. From blood reformed, the likes of which will storm, an ushered era reborn.”
AWAKENING is the second instalment of epic series The Dreadmore Saga. The Magelentic Council has been destroyed. Karcan’s tyranny reign supreme and unknowing to the rest of Eerea, Vorkalth has succeeded in freeing The Unhallowed Order. Death has come to Balmora and it is only the beginning of the end…..a prophecy will be fulfilled and destruction lies in wait….
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