The Dreaming Tree

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
11 hours 5 minutes
A serial killer is loose on the streets of New York,chased by a detective whose mutated eyessee things only she can …

Shutter Island meets Jacob’s Ladder in the new near-future crime thriller from million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather, with books translated in over twenty languages worldwide.

“Relentless pacing, well-developed main characters, and plethora of bombshell plot twists.”—Publishers Weekly

After a near-fatal car crash, Royce wakes up to find he’s one of the first patients to undergo a radical new procedure: a full-body transplant. Convalescing and suffering from waking nightmares, he answers the door at his Long Island home and meets Delta Devlin, a New York detective. She sees things nobody else can, visions created by a mutation to her eyes.

Royce becomes Devlin’s prime suspect in a string of grisly murders. Desperate for answers, he tracks down the grieving widow of the man whose body he now inhabits. Out of time, and perhaps his mind, he tumbles through a hallucinogenic underworld of black-market body parts and billionaires where nothing can stand in the way of living forever—not even death itself.
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Benjamin Mendez

The book was a compelling story and I enjoyed the narrator.

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Kenneth D.

I enjoyed listening to this book. I did not figure out who had done it until the very end. So much of the science was beyond me. I thought the narrators did a very good job keeping the accents separate. It was actually the first time I listened to a male and female narrators on the same book.

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A decent read, some original thoughts and an interesting concept.

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Darlene S.

Really enjoyed this !! Characters are believable, story intriguing ... fun read

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Excellent book keeps you interested right to the end a very different book well written

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Thomas Rorex

Very well written. Characters could easily be seen in my mind while listening. Loved the flow of the book... Listened to the entire reading on a business road trip and finished the last few chapters in my hotel’s parking lot. Looking forward to more!

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