Driving Bob East

Driving Bob East

Written by:
Zachary J. Kitchen
Narrated by:
Kelli White
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
8 hours 59 minutes
How much narcotic can a person stuff into a funeral urn?

If the narcotic in question is the highly concentrated synthetic opiate known as fentanyl, the answer is about 4 million dollars worth.

Rick Vaghn was not a happy man. Depressed and broke, still coming to grips with a war that ended for him a long time ago, he finds himself struggling to make ends meet as an independent mechanic in the big bad town known as LA. When a call from a local mortician interrupts his dull routine, he finds himself with an inheritance he never expected.

Robert Hardy, Rick's old sergeant and mentor, is dead and Rick is the only person in his will. Bob leaves Rick with only two things—his 1965 Harley Davidson pan-head motorcycle and himself in the form of a box full of newly cremated ashes.

Puzzled at this turn of events, Rick does not know what to do with either the motorcycle or the cremains until an old movie poster gives him an idea. To give Bob a sendoff worthy of an old Harley fan, Rick decides to drive Bob east, from LA to New Orleans, following the path that Fonda and Hopper took in the film Easy Rider. He and Bob would stop at every location in the movie and end the trip by spreading Bob's ashes in the notorious bar and whorehouse—the Big Easy's very own—Madame Tinkertoy's House of Blue Lights.

A chance wreck on a back road in west Texas causes the urn full of Bob to be switched with an urn full of illegal narcotics and Rick's voyage of nostalgia goes wrong when he discovers that he has to somehow get Bob back without losing his own life.
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