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Drowning City

Narrated by:
Marnye Young

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
10 hours 40 minutes
A must-listen sequel to the book Brandon Sanderson calls 'an imaginative, fast-paced urban fantasy.'

In the wake of the battle that tore his Family apart, Zan Mardova wants nothing more than to put a stop to the centuries of hatred and war, but replacing his father as Il Capo is more difficult than Zan imagined. Old friends have become new enemies, and foreign Skilled are setting their sights on Venice, hoping to take advantage of the unrest and claim the city for themselves.

Zan needs Ellie by his side more than ever, but Venice is the one place he can't keep her safe. Zan is desperate to end the legacy of violence and bloodshed once and for all-

But in becoming the person he needs to be to hold his Family together, will he lose everyone that he loves?
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