Drunken Fireworks

Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
Tim Sample

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2015
1 hour 20 minutes
2016 Audie Award Finalist for Original Work

A classic Stephen King short story from the bestselling collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams!

Alden McCausland and his mother are what they call “accident rich”; thanks to an unexpected life-insurance policy payout and a winning Big Maine Millions scratcher, Alden and his Ma are able to spend their summers down by Lake Abenaki, idly drinking their days away in a three-room cabin with an old dock and a lick of a beach.

Across the lake, they can see what “real rich” looks like: the Massimo family’s Twelve Pines Camp, the big white mansion with guest house and tennis court that Alden’s Ma says is paid for by “ill-gotten gains” courtesy of Massimo Construction. When Alden’s holiday-weekend sparklers and firecrackers set off what over the next few years comes to be known as the Fourth of July Arms Race, he learns how far he and the Massimos will go to win an annual neighborly rivalry—one that lands Alden in the Castle County jail.

Read by beloved Down East storyteller Tim Sample—praised by Stephen King for his “wit and talent and good-heartedness”—Drunken Fireworks makes for explosive audio listening.
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Justin Tockey

It was very disappointingly short for a full $15 credit but the quality of the story and the narration deliver a storytelling experience that sticks with you long after The End.

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Jean Varner

An amusing story. A good short story. Funny and fun to listen to. I did not like the profanity.

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Charles Barranco

Good purchase

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Pamela Bischoff

This was such a great read to listen to. The narrator was fabulous with his voice. I'm so loved the story.

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Cathy Payne

I really enjoyed this story. This was my first audio book. The narrater had a great voice and it fit the character very well. I was not sure if I would like listening to books verses reading but I have found that I like it and will continue. Thanks

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