Duma Key: A Novel

Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
John Slattery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2008
23 hours 0 minutes
Winner of the 2009 Audie Award for Fiction

Master storyteller Stephen King’s classic, terrifying #1 New York Times bestseller of what happens when the barrier between our world and that of the supernatural is breached.

After a terrible construction site accident severs Edgar Freemantle’s right arm, scrambles his mind, and implodes his marriage, the wealthy Minnesota builder faces the ordeal of rehabilitation, all alone and full of rage. Renting a house on Duma Key—a stunningly beautiful and eerily undeveloped splinter off the Florida coast—Edgar slowly emerges from his prison of pain to bond with Elizabeth Eastlake, a sick, elderly woman whose roots are tangled deep in this place. And as he heals, he paints—feverishly, compulsively, his exploding talent both a wonder and a weapon. For Edgar’s creations are not just paintings, but portals for the ghosts of Elizabeth’s past…and their power cannot be controlled…
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Egle Z.

A good horror story in which visual art plays an unexpectedly huge role.

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Brian C.

very good read

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Christopher K.

Great story. Really enjoyed it.

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Frank G.

Love the story, the setting was great.

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Craig P.

one of my favorite Steven King novels. I am a big fan and have almost all of his work.

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Christine P.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on FaceBook SK Fan Clubs regarding Duma Key. I added the book to my wish list and then took it off after reading negative reviews. I again read a raving review and added the book to my wish list again. I decided to spend a credit on it and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the concept and loved the passion. There was disjointed feeling to the storyline. I definitely am not a writer or an editor but as a reader, I felt the first 2/3 of the read was Edgar recovering from the accident and throwing himself into his artwork, and the last 1/3 felt rushed. So much happened in the last third of the book I almost feel like I missed something! I will reread it again but not likely for awhile. Onto the next SK novel on my list!!

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Loved it

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Debi A.

great narrator. totally strange story and I loved it so much ive listened to it many times. if you want something supernatural and creepy and also has a hero and will make you laugh this is the one for you. Great book all the way around!!!!

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Bill C.

Fantastic reading Fantastic writing = Goosebumps

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Mary N.

Excellent read.

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Karen T.

I enjoyed the book but the chapters are not in order

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Michael T.

I last read a King book in college. The Stand. I was so disturbed by it I vowed never to read another. Now. 25 years later, I picked this book to listen to on a road trip. It was truly a great story while not scaring the hell out of me. I’ve listened to it twice now

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Nancy K.

Duma key was very good. The characters were well developed and the story was interesting. It was a long book, but the story was so good, it flew by.

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Martin V

Several chapters where in the wrong order but not enough to disrupt the tale only noticed because I've read the paper version

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Megan A

I am sad to see that so many people disliked this book! This was a fantastic book, and was actually scary! It kept me entertained the entire time! If you are looking for a scare and love the SK this is a must read!

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kimberly SCoggins

I enjoyed this book immensely. The narration by John Slattery was awesome and he did a great job of bringing these characters to life. In my opinion this book is much better than "CELL". Maybe due to the narration. I love how in just about all of Stephen King's books there are damaged people trying their damndest to do the right things and work through their struggles. I will listen to this book many more times I'm sure. Highly recommend! :)

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Leilani Maynard

I have read this story before but thought I'd give it a listen. It is wonderful. John Slattery is great as the narrator. He really brings the story to life. I an avid audio book listener, and this is one of my favorites.

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Jo Ann Sawyer

After finishing Duma Key, I was left wanting more. The writing is seductive and you feel like you are sweating in the summer sun. I loved reading about the Sarasota area and many of the beaches that I love. It brought me into the story and close to the characters. Really great stuff.

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glenice nickel

Very enjoyable and gripping. The narrator was excellent. The characters were real and description vivid

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Kelly Clark

This is one of my all time favorite books from sai King.

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lori handy

OMG i have read/listened to King for a very long time and boo-who with the DOG was way at of line this was terrible starting with THE dog and since Then i could not get into it. I hope my truth is printed here with all the other comments. I will never listen to another book from King.. ( have read/listened) to many off his books years earlier, but now i cannot and will not give another dime to this disappointment what a let down. i guess he done, but keeps selling disappointments to the public, but i cannot be a long time fan and i wasted hard earned $$$ so now i'm done,and if this doesn't get printed under the comments of the book the i guess only good comments get printed. i will never get another book on good faith that it maybe good.. Terrible......

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This is a great book! It keeps a very good pace through out. The Characters are interesting and the narrator does a very good job. Pick this one up.

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If this was a first novel it would not have been published. Because this is far from a first novel the reader has a right to expect much more than this product. If Mr. King has an editor he needs to listen to him or fire him. This novel is brimming with cliches in word play and in content. It rambles and wastes the reader's time. It bears almost no qualitative similarity to Mr. King's fine works such as The Shining, The Stand and many others. Mr King has become self indulgent. One example of this is his frequent expression of his political bias through his characters. By doing so he shows himself to be as simple minded and intolerant of others as he apparently believes those others to be toward his point of view. Sometime ago Mr. King announced that he had retired from writing for money. That was a good idea, apparently, because this novel feels as if it was written for some reason other than the love of the art.

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This is one of the best books KING he's written in a long long time. It is as good or better than his early books, just not as far out there. A very good read, well worth the money. Enjoy

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