Elizabeth Bennet: Short and Sassy: Four Pride and Prejudice Tales

Elizabeth Bennet: Short and Sassy: Four Pride and Prejudice Tales

Narrated by:
Megan Green
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
9 hours 35 minutes
Four heartwarming tales! Sigh, swoon, and fall in love with Mr Darcy and Elizabeth, again and again.

Love and Other Machines

Her life was going smoothly until love threw a wrench into it.

Her uncle’s pet and her mother's trial, Elizabeth Bennet has always been… different. Blessed with a quick mind and a knack for all things mechanical, sometimes the simplest things—like love—are harder for her to fix. A gentleman by birth but an engineer at heart, Darcy wastes no time in dismantling Elizabeth’s secret. But he has secrets of his own that cause him to linger, to falter, and then to risk everything. Can Elizabeth and Darcy work together, or will the gears spin out of control?


A Misunderstanding to Last a Lifetime.

When Elizabeth Bennet first meets Fitzwilliam Darcy, she is not feeling quite herself. Miserable and in an unsociable temper, she decides to attend the Meryton Assembly against her better judgment to support her beloved sister. Fitzwilliam Darcy unknowingly misjudges the condition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s health. What begins as complete disinterest soon develops into pity when an unknown surgeon offers an even more bleak outlook for the young woman’s future. He will see that her last days are worth living. He commits himself to be her champion… irrevocably. Will he discover his feelings are more than just pity on a dying woman? 

Spirited Away

When doing the right thing goes utterly wrong.


What if... the person who caught you in your most embarrassing moment is also the one your heart was meant to find?
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