Elizabeth I CEO: Strategic Lessons from the Leader Who Built an Empire

Written by:
Alan Axelrod
Narrated by:
Nelson Runger

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
8 hours 1 minute
Alan Axelrod is a Business Week best-selling author. A respected authority on business and management topics, he has also written works of historical biography. In Elizabeth I CEO, his varied skills converge to produce an important book that is both informative and entertaining. When Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1558, England was the laughing stock of Europe. Economic, political, and religious calamities were numerous, and Elizabeth endured constant criticism. But by the end of her 45-year reign, England was one of the world's mightiest nations. Axelrod uses the legendary Queen's life as a model for modern leadership, and a powerful example of how one person can make an extraordinary difference. Elizabeth I CEO is an indispensable guide for today's business managers and leaders. It is also an inspiring read for those taking their first steps up the corporate ladder, or those who simply love history. Nelson Runger's narration gives a renewed energy to Elizabeth's lessons, which are as relevant today as they were four centuries ago.
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