The End of Empire: 1805-1862

The End of Empire: 1805-1862

Unabridged Audiobook

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July 2023
1 hour 29 minutes
No discussion of the 19th Century is complete without Napoleon. We begin with Charles Phillips’ eulogy, summarizing the strangeness and contradiction of the most influential man of his time. Followed by 7 brief speeches by Napoleon himself.

Two speeches chronicle the injustice and tyranny of British rule. Robert Emmet’s Speech From The Dock in 1803 is a classic of Irish Republicanism, given after sentence of death has been pronounced upon him for treason against the British. It is a speech intended for history, and sums up the fires that kept his homeland fighting for another century for their liberation. 

O’Connell’s Justice For Ireland, given 33 years later, shows that the passion that drove Emmett remained in the Irish heart, given in a more measured and technical tone, but driven by the same certainty that only with freedom could justice be found for the Irish people. 

Red Jacket’s speech contrasts the belief system of the Native Americans with that of the Christian invasion from Europe. It is paired with a speech about the hypocrisy of government and the selective application of the rule of law, Douglass’ speech given about slavery on the 4th of July (America’s independence day). 

Following is Douglass’ most renowned speech, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” This powerful statement of self-determination continues to resonate today. 

Garrison’s speech on the death of John Brown is given after the Harper’s Ferry incident, which was the first event ever communicated by telegraph, and rang the starting bell for the American civil war. Next is a rousing speech from Italy by Garibaldi, calling mankind to arms in a new era of revolution and social change.

Lastly a humorous speech from George Vest in tribute to dogs. After all, however dark the world seems, however much revolution and madness taint the air…we will always be blessed by the love and loyalty of our four-footed friends.
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