Erotica For Women

Written by:
Sandra Novel
Narrated by:
Olivia Alden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
8 hours 50 minutes
Are you looking for an audiobook of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm? Tired of looking at Porn? Look no further!

This collection of audiobooks written by Sandra Novel of hot and exciting stories is the right one for you!

You will find a collection of hot and exciting short stories about sex and forbidden encounters that you can listen to wherever you want to feel excited, it includes two of her hottest titles:

- Erotica Stories for Pleasure

- Erotica Short Stories For Women

Over 8 hours of spine-tingling, sensual, racy spoken erotica for your listening pleasures - whatever they might be! You are about to enter a new world of forbidden lust, sex, and eroticism that will keep you on the edge as you listen to this adult oriented content that some may deem distasteful, sinful, disgusting, sick or otherwise disturbing!

Find that lost intimacy, Don’t wait any longer, buy your copy today! Strictly adults only!
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Profile Avatar
Karen L.

Ladies... let's get ready for 8h of sex and eroticism!! Loved it!

Profile Avatar
Sarah H.

A bundle of sexy stories... Some of them are so lustful... I loved them! 8h of pleasure!

Profile Avatar
Jessica M.

8h of pure pleasure... I decided to share them with my beloved husband! Horny moments!

Profile Avatar
Susan R.

I enjoyed listening to these stories.... The author knows how to turn on a woman....

Profile Avatar
Barbara D.

What an experience, new to these erotica audiobooks and I really admit was so nice!!

Profile Avatar
Thomas D.

What a bundle of sexy stories.... 8h of pure HOT stories!

Profile Avatar
Elizabeth M.

What a great bundle of sexy stories, I loved listening to them with my boyfriend !!! WOW

Profile Avatar
Linda G.

What a great bundle to listen ! I loved the stories, made for girls! Sensual tales bit dirty... Perfect!

Profile Avatar
Jennifer J.

What a bundle of sensual moments... Helps during lockdown girls!

Profile Avatar
Christopher M.

I loved it... 8h of pure hot moments and games to play with my GF! She's horny!

Profile Avatar
Charles R.

We were kept on the edge listening to each story.... We loved it ! Must listen in the bed with your beloved partner!

Profile Avatar

This is a poorly organized book. After the first chapter, you can't tell what's going on. The narrator has a nice voice but lags some.

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