Every Man His Own University

Written by:
Russell H. Conwell
Narrated by:
Trevor O'hare

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
1 hour 3 minutes
Every Man His Own University by writen Russell Herman Conwell (February 15, 1843 – December 6, 1925) was an American Baptist minister, orator, philanthropist, lawyer, and writer. 
Conwell's capacity to establish Temple University and his other civic projects largely derived from the income that he earned from this speech. The book has been regarded as a classic of New Thought literature since the 1870s. After Conwell's death, proceeds from this speech were dedicated to the Sunday Breakfast Association, a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. 
Originally published in 1917. The lecture consists of six parts: 
I. Every Man's University
II. Animals and 'The Least Things'
III. The Bottom Rung
IV. Home Reading
V. Thoughtfulness
VI. Instincts and Individuality
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Every Man His Own University
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