Excuses Begone!: Live Lecture based on the Popular PBS Special!

Written by:
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Narrated by:
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2009
7 hours 20 minutes
Audiobook • Live Lecture based on PBS Special
Learn once and for all how to change your thoughts to improve the quality of your life: no more excuses!
In this exciting live presentation recorded in Maui, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals a powerful seven-step paradigm that will allow you to drop your excuses and change the lifelong thinking habits that prevent you from living at your highest levels of happiness and success.
Listen as Wayne explains how you can actually change your brain chemistry, align your thoughts to a higher place where excuses do not exist, and use the power of contemplation to attract and fulfill your desires.
You are a divine creation with virtually no limitations—except for the ones you believe in. With the insights presented here, you can finally change those beliefs by recognizing and living from your Source, which has no excuses. Increase your prosperity, experience vibrant health, discover meaning in all you do, and live your destiny—simply by changing the way you think.
Includes a bonus Audiobook featuring Ram Dass!
New PBS, June '09!
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