Explicit Erotica Short Stories

Written by:
Sandra Novel
Narrated by:
Olivia Alden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
4 hours 31 minutes
Are you looking for an audiobook of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm? Tired of looking at Porn? Look no further!

Enjoy this collection of sinfully delicious erotica tales by Sandra Novel. These pleasurable sensual tales of love and lust will soak your panties starting right now! This adult erotic audiobook includes many of the hottest titles from best-selling erotic audiobooks.

You are about to enter a new world of forbidden lust, sex, and eroticism that will keep you on the edge as you listen to this adult oriented content that some may deem distasteful, sinful, disgusting, sick or otherwise disturbing!

You’re not just getting a guide on sex. Find that lost intimacy, Don’t wait any longer, buy your copy today!
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Charles R.

I loved this adult erotic audiobook, my wife and I needed some extra during lockdown days... wow !

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Thomas D.

I enjoyed these stories.... The author knows hot to turn on a listener.... Wow

Profile Avatar
Michelle O.

Stellar, I loved the narrator.... She's so hot, I loved listening to them! 4h of pleasure!

Profile Avatar
Alberto F.

I gave this audiobook as a gift to my GF.... she enjoyed it, wow.... Hot contents!

Profile Avatar
Veronica M.

Perfect for women.... Made for us... I loved listening to the stories....

Profile Avatar
Pamela S.

So horny right now....4 hours of pure pleasure !!!

Profile Avatar
Peter A.

If you're looking for warming up your night.... put your headphones up ! Enjoy....

Profile Avatar
Marcela J.

So horny... right now I decided to start new games, inspired by this audiobook I will play more with my partner!

Profile Avatar
Susy S.

I couldn't imagine to be so horny after listening to an audiobook... I loved it!

Profile Avatar
Franca S.

Hot Stories to listen ! My husband got horny, we enjoyed then new role games! So horny....

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