The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran

Written by:
Andrew Scott Cooper
Narrated by:
Assaf Cohen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2016
22 hours 4 minutes
An immersive, gripping account of the rise and fall of Iran’s glamorous Pahlavi dynasty, written with the cooperation of the late shah’s widow, Empress Farah

In this remarkably human portrait of one of the twentieth century’s most complicated personalities, author Andrew Scott Cooper traces Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s life from childhood through his ascension to the throne in 1941. He highlights the turbulence of the postwar era, during which the shah survived assassination attempts and coup plots to build a modern, pro-Western state and launch Iran onto the world stage as one of the world’s top five powers. Listeners get the story of the shah’s political career alongside the story of his courtship and marriage to Farah Diba, who became a power in her own right; the beloved family they created; and an exclusive look at life inside the palace during the Iranian Revolution.

Cooper’s investigative account ultimately delivers the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty through the eyes of those who were there: leading Iranian revolutionaries, President Jimmy Carter and White House officials, US Ambassador William Sullivan and his staff in the American embassy in Tehran, American families caught up in the drama, and even Empress Farah herself, along with the rest of the Iranian Imperial family.

At once intimate and sweeping, The Fall of Heaven recreates in stunning detail the dramatic and final days of one of the world’s most legendary ruling families, the unseating of which helped set the stage for the current state of the Middle East.
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Rahman Labibi

One of the best books I have read about Iran's iconic King and Queen, and their dynasty. This book shows how Pahlavi's have been the object of debate, speculation and fascination. How they were wrongfully understood in the eyes of Iranians and the world. Author Andrew Scott Cooper honestly described Shah of Iran's feelings, ambitions and goals to build a powerful and prosperous nation before the 21st century. How he worked hard and how his dreams vanished before his eyes by those he trusted the most. Reading the fall of heaven is recommended to those who want to know more about Middle East in the past and present.

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ali afkhami

For anybody interested in understanding the rise and fall of the Pahlavi dynasty and the subsequent collapse of the region into Islamic fundamentalism this is essential reading and well researched.

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