Falling for You: Inspired the Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
6 hours 14 minutes
Lacey Hathaway has it all—a job she loves as a local radio DJ, a home with her adored, eccentric aunt and, best of all, a community after a childhood traveling with her musical parents. So what if her life is a little too safe?

Marietta is everything to Lacey. Not only is she helping to organize the Bachelor Bake-Off and filming a documentary about the process, she’s also volunteered her brother as one of the bachelors. But, when her brother backs out, Lacey has to find a last-minute replacement. And who better than her aunt’s lodger: gorgeous—albeit taciturn—Zac Malone?

Zac’s not exactly community-minded. In fact, he makes it clear that the sooner he’s out of Marietta the better. But when Lacey persuades him of the powerful impact the Bake-Off funds will have on local children, he decides to give it a go—with one condition. If he has to learn to bake, so does disaster-in-the-kitchen Lacey.

As attraction flares and Zac makes plans to leave, Lacey begins to realize that maybe there is a world beyond Marietta’s borders after all...if she’s brave enough to take that step.
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