Feathers So Vicious

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
13 hours 40 minutes
Perched between branches and shadows, We watch, we scheme, Fighting for a kingdom forgotten and forlorn. Until we rip her away with our claws, Our prisoner, our pawn, our plaything. She’s innocent and pure, Fragile and helpless… …but oh so guilty by blood. She calls us beasts, Wicked and evil, Vicious and cruel. We are all that and worse. One of us offers her shelter beneath his wings, Whispering promises of pleasure, Seeking redemption. The other longs to shatter her into a million pieces, Whispering promises of pain, Seeking revenge. Caught between our feathers, She endures our deranged desires, Our secrets, our lies, Our twisted plans. Will she surrender to our darkness, or fight for a destiny growing ever elusive? Welcome to the Court of Ravens, little white dove. Feathers So Vicious is a full-length dark fantasy romance novel and the first book in the Court of Ravens duet. The two-part story features two morally gray raven shifters, a young woman at the mercy of their shadows, and a HEA. This world contains dark elements, violence, and themes some may find disturbing. What this book doesn't contain is a hero—because villains do it better. And two do it better than one… More detailed information and trigger warnings can be found on the author's website: LivZander.com.
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