Fellowship with God: Rewards on the Earth End Here

Fellowship with God: Rewards on the Earth End Here

Written by:
A. W. Tozer , Caleb Sinclair
Narrated by:
Zachary Coffin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
3 hours 38 minutes
“A large part of Christian experience consists of exchanging something worse for something better, a blessed and delightful bargain indeed.” – A. W. Tozer

We sing God’s praises and we go to church every Sunday and we tithe and we read our Bibles and pray…

But why do we do it all?

Do we do it with a thoughtful understanding of the immensity of God and the great privilege that God in His mercy has handed to us?

Do we do it with the trembling sense of awe that characterizes so many followers of Christ?

In short, do we truly serve God?

A. W. Tozer calls us to examine our hearts and actions and re-orient them in the light of the Bible’s teachings about God and eternity. In Serving God, Tozer explains the true purpose of man, and advises us to wisely consider how we live out our brief time on a sin-cursed earth.

Life on this Earth is not simply something to be enjoyed, though enjoyment exists and is waiting to be grasped. It is not meant to be lived in comfort, though God offers comfort, and so much more, to those who are willing to seek it—and Him—aright.
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