The Few, The Proud, the Deadly

The Few, The Proud, the Deadly

Narrated by:
Amanda Friday
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2024
7 hours 0 minutes
The trail has turned cold, and the Prodigal Suns have to wait for a new sign of Heka to pop up and begin the chase again.

When it does, it will lead them on a mission to the other side of the world. A few of Heka's zombie followers have popped up in Turkey and Emily Trigger and the rest of her unit are sent out on the trail.

Or so they think.

Heka wants to steal the magic building inside of Emily. What for? Not for anything good. But he needs Emily to make his plan come to fruition.

The ancient God of Magic has sent his mindless followers after Emily and the special forces, the Prodigal Suns. The hunters may become the hunted.

Heka won't stop until he has Emily's newfound power. He doesn't know what kind of fighting force he's up against.

Can Emily and the Prodigal Suns find out what he wants and why before it's too late for humanity?
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