Fight for the Remote - Episode 6

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
0 hours 37 minutes
Fight For The Remote. Episode Six: The Saga Revelations "I've never known a children's book with so many overt revelations to clitori." Alice gets her one client, Camp Raymond, a career-boosting gig reading his bestselling children's novel on tape, leaving Jon at home to clean the house (with a little help from his sci-fi fan friends).

While Jon is embroiled in an all day Star Wars marathon, Alice battles with Camp Raymond's expressive eccentricities to distract her from wondering where her life is going. Written by Mark Adams. Directed by Helen Oakleigh. THE CAST; ALICE Ayesha Antoine; JON Andrew Hayden-Smith; KEREN Helen Oakleigh; GRUB Daniel King; MARRIED DAVE Nathaniel King; DEREK Cliff Chapman; HAPPY AZIZ Neil D'Souza with Keith Flood as CAMP RAYMOND. Recorded at Orpheus Studios. Theme Tune by Manike Music. Additional Music by James Dunlop. Post Production by Robbie Dunlop.

A Fantom Films Production 2011. Warning some scenes contain strong language and themes of a sexual nature.
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