Fight for the Remote - Episode 7: The Wake-Up Call

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
0 hours 31 minutes
Fight For The Remote. Episode Seven: The Wake-Up Call "God, I need to be bereaved. I could do with losing a few pounds". Jon, Keren and Grub accompany Alice to the funeral of a uni friend called Boris. Jon wants to know how good a friend the deceased was; Alice wants to know how he died. Will their respective quests for knowledge end in tears or laughter? Written by Mark Adams. Directed by Dexter O'Neill.

THE CAST; ALICE Ayesha Antoine; JON Andrew Hayden-Smith; KEREN Helen Oakleigh; GRUB Daniel King; VARIOUS VOICES Sean Connolly & Cliff Chapman with HAPPY AZIZ Neil D'Souza. Recorded at Orpheus Studios. Theme Tune by Manike Music. Additional Music by James Dunlop. Post Production by Robbie Dunlop. A Fantom Films Production 2011. Warning some scenes contain strong language and themes of a sexual nature.
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