First in the Family: Biblical Truths for Cycle Breakers

Written by:
Felicia Harris
Narrated by:
Machelle Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
4 hours 47 minutes
Biblical Truths for Cycle Breakers

We use words like 'honor', 'loyalty', and 'tradition' to talk about our families. But behind closed doors, if you listen closely enough, you can hear the muffled sounds of suffering. If you are one of those people, take heart in knowing you are not alone. The good news is that you have a choice. You have the power to break the cycle of sameness. You can decide to do things differently. Even if it means being the first in your family to do so. Sometimes what God has planned for our future can only be achieved on the other side of family ties.

Join Felicia Harris and unburden yourself of the weight of family ideals, influences, and imperfections by choosing to believe that what you've always known is not all there is. First in the Family tells Felicia's story and reveals biblical truths that serve to encourage cycle breakers-those who refuse to be held bound by the way things have always been. This is an unconventional story; but then again, the story of salvation was never conventional anyway.
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