First Run

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
6 hours 54 minutes
Norah Wintry is juggling movie stars with special skills, like shifting into tiger mode, at her Los Angeles talent agency with sinister backlot treachery.

Projects in the Hollywood pipeline aren't what they seem, and Norah wants to protect her very special clients. That's not easy when she can't give a good reason to prevent them from signing on to the very lucrative job.

How far is Norah willing to go to prevent Castor and Sid from signing on to write a script with a person she doesn't trust? Especially when being wrong could have deadly consequences.

Now, Norah needs a favor from Geronima.

Geronima agrees to help if Norah helps her study the enormous cephalopod monster that attacked the wicked Armada.

Geronima wants Norah to be the bait-but nothing goes as planned. Will she escape before she becomes a test subject for Esmee and Magdea? It won't be easy to escape the underwater lair of the vermillion.

Can Norah get ahead of Magdea's plans before it's too late?
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