Flipping Out

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2009
7 hours 20 minutes
TV producer and bestselling author Marshall Karp is the mastermind behind this suspenseful and uproariously
funny mystery series. Working on southern California’s highest profile homicide cases, detectives Mike Lomax and
Terry Biggs get the job done, bickering and arguing all the way.
Who would want to murder bubbly event planner Jo Drabyak? This charming young lady seemingly had no
enemies. The only lead Lomax and Biggs have to work with is a new business venture Jo had entered into with a group
of fellow officers’ wives. They “flip” old houses—renovate them, then sell them for a profit—in conjunction with a
bestselling mystery author who features the property in her latest novel. Now the other wives—including Terry’s wife
Marilyn—fear they could be the next target.
Karp’s fan-favorite detectives keep the laughs coming, but these two aren’t Keystone Cops. Tom Stechschulte
returns for this third installment giving voice to two of the genre’s hottest sleuths
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