Food for Life: Your Guide to the New Science of Eating Well

Written by:
Tim Spector
Narrated by:
Leighton Pugh

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
17 hours 53 minutes
Brought to you by Penguin.

Food is our greatest ally for good health, but the question of what to eat has never seemed so complicated. In his new book, Tim Spector creates a unique, thorough, evidence-based guide to the real science of eating. Moving away from misleading notions of calories or nutritional breakdowns, Food for Life empowers us to make our own food choices based on a deeper understanding of the true benefits and harms that come from our daily transactions with the foods around us.

Combining cutting-edge research with a personal insights, and taking a wide angle lens on everything from environmental impact and food fraud to allergies and deceptive labelling, Spector takes a deep dive into each food type. Food for Life also includes easy-to-implement action points and useful tables as practical tools in our everyday food decisions, presented in a novel and comprehensive format. Ultimately, this book encourages us to fall in love again with food and celebrate its many wondrous properties, which science is still only just beginning to understand.

Audio updated as of November 2022

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Glyn B.

Good book but beware the second half being essentially a long appendix on one food after another - maybe a better reference book in print than an audio book

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