For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel

#4 of You
Written by:
Caroline Kepnes
Narrated by:
Santino Fontana

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
15 hours 31 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Caroline Kepnes, whose acclaimed YOU series inspired the hit show on Netflix, follows “addictively charming antihero” (The Washington Post) Joe Goldberg to the hallowed halls of Harvard, where he leaves crimson in his wake.
“Twisted . . . delightfully creepy.”—Rolling Stone


Joe Goldberg is ready for a change. Instead of selling books, he’s writing them. And he’s off to a good start. Glenn Shoddy, an acclaimed literary author, recognizes Joe’s genius and invites him to join a tight-knit writing fellowship at Harvard. Finally, Joe will be in a place where talent matters more than pedigree . . . where intellect is the great equalizer and anything is possible. Even happy endings. Or so he thinks, until he meets his already-published, already-distinguished peers, who all seem to be cut from the same elitist cloth.

Thankfully, Wonder Parish enters the picture. They have so much in common. No college degrees, no pretensions, no stories from prep school or grad school. Just a love for literature. If only Wonder could commit herself to the writing life, they could be those rare literary soulmates who never fall prey to their demons. Wonder has a tendency to love, to covet, but Joe is a believer in the rule of fiction: If you want to write a book, you have to kill your darlings.

With her trademark satirical, biting wit, Caroline Kepnes explores why vulnerable people bring out the worst in others as Joe sets out to make this small, exclusive world a fairer place. And if a little crimson runs in the streets of Cambridge . . . who can blame him? Love doesn’t conquer all. Often, it needs a little push.
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Christin T.

I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the others in the series. Joe annoyed me some in this book, which has never happened in the previous books. Maybe it’s starting to get too repetitive and predictable.

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Not Kepnes at her best, but still better than most bubble gum novels. I'm kinda disappointed that I feel like I know how she votes now. I'm all about artistic and political freedom but this used to be a series I enjoyed escaping that circus. Seems she bought the vaccine and mask ploy and tries to push it heavily in the book and it feels it doesn't belong. like...maybe it'd be better in another book. still a great book and story and I'm glad I read it. wish I had borrowed instead of bought I suppose. it's not worth a reread. kinda like this review. as always, narrorator did an excellent job bringing the story to life.

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