The Fountainhead

Written by:
Ayn Rand
Narrated by:
Christopher Hurt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 1994
32 hours 5 minutes
One of the century’s most challenging novels of ideas, The Fountainhead champions the cause of individualism through the story of a gifted young architect who defies the tyranny of conventional public opinion.

The struggle for personal integrity in a world that values conformity above creativity is powerfully illustrated through three characters: Howard Roarke, the genius who is resented because he creates purely for the delight of his own work and on no other terms; Gail Wynand, the newspaper mogul and self-made millionaire whose power was bought by sacrificing his ideals to the lowest common denominator of public taste; and Dominique Francon, the devastating beauty whose desperate search for meaning has been twisted, through despair, into a quest to destroy the single object of her desire: Howard Roarke.

Dramatic, poetic, and demanding, The Fountainhead remains one of the towering books on the contemporary intellectual scene.
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Nathalie J.

Its incredible how applicable this book is in today's society. A must read along with Atlas Shrugged.

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Jonathon H.

Not as thought provoking or entertaining as Atlas Shrugged.

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Albert G

As a Contractor, I was surprised to learn of the active role architect's played in constructing projects. Too bad they have lost the art of understanding constructability.

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Really I like this book, we must first under understand our self very well...

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Sarah C

As an architect I really appreciated this book. Made me rethink things about my career and about my life. Strongly recommend this book.

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Beth Martin

Wow! The best book Ive ever read/heard. I love the details in character development, and the precise about of back story divulged. The narrator was superb! Though there is some more more to this novel then simply just the fantastic story. Scary accurate for today. Absolutely loved it, bravo!!

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Daniel Sause

I had to read this book over the summer for school and I am very glad I chose to get the audiobook. The narrator is great and helps portray Ayn Rand's philosophy in the tone of his voice, which I doubt I would have been able to do myself. The book itself is by far my favorite book I have ever read (or I guess listened to). I couldn't recommend it more.

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Jennifer Neal

Incredibly well written, as Ayn Rand always did. A highly descriptive account of the heroic spirit of individualism on which America was built.

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Seth Jackson

Debatably the best book of all time. I never love life more than while I'm rereading it. Not debatably the best narration ever. He gives at least 10 of the characters in this book their own voice and accent, and in 32 hours of recording he doesn't forget or confuse them once. Incredible

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Jason DeWitt

I find it hard to consider any author in the same league as Ayn Rand. Fountainhead is a fantastic portrait in the same style as Atlas Shrugged. The underlining themes and ideals could save us all if more people could understand them and apply them to their own existence.

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Swetha Barkam

Inspiring and thought provoking.. Must read at least once in a lifetime

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