Four Found Dead

Written by:
Natalie D. Richards

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 8 minutes
At the movie theater where Jo works, the last show has ended. But the
nightmare is just beginning.
Tonight, Riverview Theaters is closing forever, the last remaining business in a
defunct shopping mall. The moviegoers have left, and Jo and her six coworkers
have the final shift, a shift that quickly takes a dark turn.
First a stranger arrives with a chilling accusation. Then the power goes out and
their manager disappears, along with the keys to the lobby doors and the theater
safe, where the crew’s phones are locked each shift. Their tension turns to terror
when Jo discovers the dead body of one of her co-workers.
Now their only chance to escape the murderer in their midst is through the dark,
shuttered mall. With its boarded-up exits and disabled fire alarms, the complex is
filled with hiding places for both pursuer and pursued. In order to survive this
night, Jo and her friends must trust one another, navigate the sprawling ruins of
the mall, and outwit a killer before he kills again.
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