Gastric Band Hypnosis: Weight Loss Hypnosis 6 in 1

Gastric Band Hypnosis: Weight Loss Hypnosis 6 in 1

Written by:
Healthy Living
Narrated by:
Melissa Dionne
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
3 hours 15 minutes
Looking for a solution to your weight problem?A solution that is easy and highly effective?If so, I’m happy you came across this hypnosis Bundle!

Today, Obesity is an ever-growing concern in our country. Sadly, it’s not my, your or any other person’s fault. It’s the big corporation’s fault.

 They are paying countless of money to target us with ads and messages that trigger unwanted behavior. As the messages are targeted towards our subconscious mind, it’s little we can do about it. But. We can use hypnosis to counter the effect.

 In this Bundle, you will experience the secret powers of Hypnosis...

Powers that are known to many, but not accurately used.

Together, we will embark on a journey where your subconscious mind will become susceptible to positive affirmation – making all your desired changes become a reality.

With 6x 30-minute Gastric band sessions, you get everything you need to relax, tighten a gastric band around your stomach, adjust your mentality and reach your weight loss goal. All of which will happen, when you simply listen to this bundle.

 Don’t allow big corporations to have power you.

Time’s up! Buy this Bundle now!

Take charge of your own life and get the body you truly deserve!

Scroll up, click the Buy button and begin your journey to a Leaner, Thinner, and Happier you!
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Katty B.

Good audio!

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Mildred H.

Concur with the rest. Great bundle with imaginative sessions and a very soothing voice. The sessions are great in length, roughly 30 minutes which is great if you listen before bedtime.

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Stacey M.

Simply put – A Great Bundle!

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Chellsea W.

I genuinely believe I will reach my goal. I’ve been seeing results on the scale, and my plan is to keep on going. I am combining these hypnosis sessions with a KETO Diet. It works wonders. Try it out.

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Hayley S.

Wonderful sessions, that makes me stay on track.

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Bell W.

These sessions help me achieving my weight loss goals. I strongly believe that the power of hypnosis stems from making yourself more centered, aligned and being in the present moment. As a result, your focus on your goal is maintained, thus your progress goes faster. This bundle is helping me daily with this.

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