Ghost River

Written by:
Jon Coon
Narrated by:
Chris Henry Coffey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
10 hours 31 minutes
Gabe Jones is not like most underwater criminal investigators—he talks to the dead and the dead talk back. In this
crime-thrilling suspense novel, Gabe dives into a watery world of crime and corruption as a paranormal experience
helps him uncover the grisly truth of his partner’s death.

After losing his trooper partner, Charlie, in a recovery dive, Gabe Jones is not prepared for what he discovers when
he attempts to investigate the scene of Charlie’s death. In the murky waters of the Florida panhandle, Gabe questions
his partner’s departed spirit and uncovers an underwater graveyard, along with a dire warning that more deaths are
coming if he doesn’t stop the killer.

In a race against time, the underwater spirits lead him to the incriminating evidence he needs to expose the killer.
But when his investigation is discovered, he puts Charlie’s family at risk. Will he have what it takes to outwit his
adversaries, save Charlie’s daughter, and expose the killer, all while navigating the tumultuous waves of relationships
he finds himself in above water?
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